Monday, August 17, 2015

Cowboy Poetry

I was reading in the Ranch Record which is located in Lubbock, TX from the Ranching Heritage Association. They had a familiar poem "Home on the Range" which I always thought had the words "home on the range in it". Not the case.

Just like everything you have to research and find out:  Dr. Brewster M. Higley (1823-1911) of Smith County, Kansas wrote the lyrics to Home on the Range in a poem entitled "My Western Home" in the early 1870's.  The music was written by a friend of Higley's, Daniel E. Kelley (1845-1905). The original song did not contain 'on the range'. During the 20th Century a Texas composer David W. Guion (1892-1981) who is occasionally credited as the composer. On June 30, 1947 in Kansas it was adopted as the state song. 

Now you have the rest of the story all from a article in a magazine. :)

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