Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tips-Multiple Photos

Oh you know you take a million photos when you are out and about walking the cemetery looking for that relative you have been searching for and you stumble upon someone you think you might be related to or think "hey I think I have heard that name before".

If you are like most of us you have a smart phone and have 700-1,000 photos on your phone and wonder where you can get these photos downloaded or printed.  Well for the past two years I have been using Groovebook to download mine.
So if you use this coupon you could get a free book and "Free is good right"? 
The photos are of good quality and are perforated and come with the date and time you take the photo. You get 100 photos, 4.5" x 6.5" photobook a monthYour first book is free with this coupon and after that it is $2.99. I think this is a great deal.
I usually tear mine out and give them to family members.  Most of mine go to our Genealogical Society as well.  

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