Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Friends we meet on our journey of life

Last night a good friend passed away. I know I haven't actually seen him since I graduated from the junior college I went to, but I did keep in contact with him. When I first met him I was shy and didn't say much to anyone. I looked up to him. I went to him and talked to him about everything and he kept it a secret. I am sure he heard everything in the world from everyone. He was like everyone's dad/friend when our's were not there. If that makes any sense at all.
I remember one time we were coming back from Colorado and when I turned around in my seat to look out the window you were on the same road we were on coming home. You smiled and waved at me. This made my day cause I thought what a small world because it could have been anyone but it was someone I actually knew on the same road. I am glad I got to meet you in my life. I will see you again my friend. Until then rest well.

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