Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday-Ellison Springs

This is the entrance to the Cemetery.
The sign one will see when walking into the cemetery
Found by the gate
One Fall Day in 2014 I decided it was time to take a drive down through Ellison Springs, TX. It was November this was hunting season. If you know anything about hunting in Texas you know it is an all day affair. Well I was on a mission to find some relatives and I am not a hunter and I thought my relatives were located in this field. So first I drove on this dirt road up to this house and my mother and I got out and this lady told us the cemetery was out in the middle of this field but there were deer hunters still out there. Well..me having no fear I drove my blue ford focus out in this field and finally found the cemetery.

A little history before you get to these pictures. There was a fight called the Ellison Spring Indian Fight. 

This is where my great great great grandfather (Samuel Gilbert) and his brother (Singleton Gilbert) fought. My great x3 Samuel Gilbert was wounded and later died (I have yet to find him).  The Ellison's married the Gilbert's and then married the Keith family and they are all buried in this cemetery.   There is even some McGough's married to some Ellison's. So it gets tricky. I thought I hit a goldmine.

This is located on the hwy not even close to the cemetery.


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